Friday, February 17, 2012

Google fun facts

I considered myself proficient with the Google basics. While this might be the case, the advances that Google has made really blow me away. The fact that basic and advanced math can be done right in front of you is awesome (but sucks for math teachers with students that know that). As a history teacher, I think the most interesting new thing for me was the fact that I can subtract a search term in order to get the results I am looking for. This helps sort through the junk and gets me to what otherwise might be an obscure topic.


  1. Google used to have a timeline feature which was pretty cool, but they recently got rid of it, which was too bad. I also like the ability to specify a time range (which I didn't include in the slideshow); you can't specify what time period your results are about, but you can specify the time period they were written in (does that make any sense?).

  2. yes but I like the idea of searching when something occurred but I can see the difficulties of coding that search parameter